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Winter is coming, every time the toilet is a kind of suffering, and now more and more people choose to change the smart toilet. Last year, Japan's smart toilet lid on the fire, but buy is domestic production, this thing was exposed, this year, ushered in a new round of domestic smart toilet for China endorsement.
Japan rush toilet
At present, the domestic intelligent warm water flush toilets, people of all ages are applicable, but also very good to prevent or alleviate hemorrhoids, constipation and other ills. But the Japanese products, which have the same function, are lower than 30%! Because the difference between the two countries, Japanese toilets did not cover Chinese identification; lack of water filtration process, after several months of use will be blocked; the voltage of 110V is not in conformity with the national conditions, customer service and parts processing more trouble. And China's self-developed intelligent toilet lid, not only for the normal needs of the people, but also added more exclusive functions.
Japanese toilet
The intelligent closestool cover not only sells in each big household store, the intelligent closestool's price basically is five thousand yuan or more.
Intelligent toilet usually have warm water cleaning, sitting ring heating, warm air drying and other functions. Not only does it make winter cold, but it's more convenient and hygienic for women and the elderly. For example, bending down to wipe the inconvenience of the elderly, accidentally fell, it is very dangerous, the use of intelligent toilet lid, just press the button, you can rinse with warm water, but also drying, simple and convenient. For women, the lower body cleaning is especially important, every time after flushing, can prevent bacteria breeding, but also can avoid menstruation caused by improper cleaning gynecological diseases.
In fact, the most basic of the smart toilet is cleaning, drying and heating functions, as most of the other functions are just gimmicks. Although the weather is getting colder every day, but the front-line manufacturers to take advantage of the new year to consumers is a wave of waves. Domestic intelligent bathroom brand technology is more prominent Sumit bathroom, is to do our best to promote sales, not only the price of preferential, but also gifts, bathroom packs, folding, folding and other colorful ceremony, waiting for you! Snap it up in winter!

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